The Wandering Desert Monk

The Wandering Desert Monk

Thursday, July 13, 2017

A prayer for today

"My great God, you know all that is in the universe, because you yourself have
made it. It is the very work of your hands. You are omniscient, because you
are omnicreative. You know each part, however minute, as perfectly as you
know the whole. You know mind as perfectly as you know matter. You
know the thoughts and purposes of every soul as perfectly as if there were
no other soul in the whole of your creation. You know me through and
through; all my present, past, and future are before you as one whole. You
see all those delicate and evanescent motions of my thought which altogether
escape myself. You can trace every act, whether deed or thought, to its origin
and can follow it into its whole growth and consequences. You know how it
will be with me at the end; you have before you that hour when I shall come
to you to be judged. How awful is the prospect of finding myself in the
presence of my judge! Yet, O Lord, I would not that you should not know
me. It is my greatest stay to know that you read my heart. Oh, give me
more of that openhearted sincerity which I have desired. Keep me ever
rom being afraid of your eye, from the inward consciousness that I am
not honestly trying to please you. Teach me to love you more, and then
I shall be at peace, without any fear of you at all."
— Bl. John Henry Newman, Everyday Meditations,  p.150

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