The Wandering Desert Monk

The Wandering Desert Monk

Friday, March 31, 2017

Pray for him?

If we are not heedful of the way the Spirit of God works in us, we will become spiritual hypocrites. We see where other folks are failing, and we turn our discernment into the gibe of criticism instead of into intercession on their behalf.

The revelation is made to us not through the acuteness of our minds, but by the direct penetration of the Spirit of God, and if we are not heedful of the source of the revelation, we will become criticizing centres and forget that God says — “…he shall ask, and He shall give him life for them that sin not unto death.” Take care lest you play the hypocrite by spending all your time trying to get others right before you worship God yourself.

One of the subtlest burdens God ever puts on us as saints is this burden of discernment concerning other souls. He reveals things in order that we may take the burden of these souls before Him and form the mind of Christ about them, and as we intercede on His line, God says He will give us “life for them that sin not unto death.” It is not that we bring God into touch with our minds, but that we rouse ourselves until God is able to convey His mind to us about the one for whom we intercede.

Is Jesus Christ seeing of the travail of His soul in us? He cannot unless we are so identified with Himself that we are roused up to get His view about the people for whom we pray. May we learn to intercede so whole-heartedly that Jesus Christ will be abundantly satisfied with us as intercessors. Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for his Highest, 3/31

My comment:

Of all of writings in the book known as My Utmost for His Highest, this writing has had the greatest impact in my life as a follower of Jesus.

Often, we have an insight or an intuition about a person. What do we do with this “knowledge?” Many times, we quickly talk to person about this knowledge instead of talking to God. We gain insight or discernment not for criticism or gossip but for prayer or intercession. I believe if more of us prayed for the person for whom we have received this “knowledge.” I believe we would see many spiritual victories.

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