The Wandering Desert Monk

The Wandering Desert Monk

Sunday, February 5, 2017

O what great grace is offered to us

"Man threw away everything he had—his right 
to speak freely, his communion with God, his 
time in Paradise, his unclouded life—and went 
out naked, like a survivor from a shipwreck. 
But God received him and immediately clothed 
him, and taking him by the hand gradually led 
him to heaven. And yet the shipwreck was 
quite unforgivable. For this tempest was entirely 
due, not to the force of the winds, but to the 
carelessness of the sailor. Yet God did not look 
at this, but had compassion for such a great 
disaster. … Why? Because, when no sadness 
 or care or labor or toil or countless waves of 
desire assaulted our nature, it was overturned 
and fell. And just as criminals who sail the sea 
often drill through the ship with a small iron tool, 
and let the whole sea into the ship from below, 
so when the devil saw the ship of Adam (by 
which I mean his soul) filled with many good 
things, he came and drilled through it with his 
 voice alone, as if it were an iron tool, and stole 
all his wealth and sank the ship itself. But God 
made the gain greater than the loss, and brought 
our nature to the royal throne."
— St. John Chrysostom, A Year with the Church Fathers, p. 19

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