The Wandering Desert Monk

The Wandering Desert Monk

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Our calling

"Inasmuch as we have one Father in heaven, God, we are all brothers of Christ, and it matters not from which city or country we are gathered here or whether our parentage be noble or lowly. The one God created all of us, governs us, and cares for us; He has called us by His external word, and daily by interior contrition He calls us to the one beatitude, our final end. This one God has promised to give Himself to us as our future reward in the presence of the angels and amid the universal happiness of the citizens of heaven. Therefore, since we are called by this one God, redeemed by one price, and imbued by the one Spirit, let us endeavor to love and serve one another. If we wish to be pleasing to Christ, then let us bear one another’s burdens and in charity pray for one another, for God is in each of us, and each of us is in God."
— Thomas à Kempis, Bountiful Goodness, p. 64-5

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