The Wandering Desert Monk

The Wandering Desert Monk

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

“Who is the greatest?’

The disciples knew there was a shift coming. For months they heard Jesus talk about his death and resurrection. They didn’t pay much attention to Jesus’ words about “three days, “ but they knew something was up about his death.

Who will take over if Jesus is gone?

This table talk conversation is between Jesus and men who are sinners. (We may be tempted to sanitize the story and focus on their title as “apostles” however, the emphasis in the Gospel of Luke is that Jesus is sitting at a table full of sinners who are more friends of evil than of good.) All of this, of course, is good news for us sinners. It should be of no surprise to us that they are turning the table conversation into a political bar fight. “I will the chairman of the kingdom.” “No, I am the favored one, I will be the chairman!”

These table guests did not get it all. They did not notice that it was Jesus who was serving them not them serving Jesus. The best they did was to divide the bread and cup among themselves. Jesus interrupts the argument with these words, “I am among you as the one who serves.” Jesus serves them in life and in death. In his death Jesus becomes the least and the greatest.

I invite you to the table of Jesus who served you in his death.

Ron Friesen © 2015

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