The Wandering Desert Monk

The Wandering Desert Monk

Thursday, February 19, 2015

It is my money!

Among the many stories of the early church is this one found in The Acts of the Holy Spirit, chapter 16:

One day, on our way to the place of prayer, a slave girl ran into us. She was a psychic and, with her fortunetelling, made a lot of money for the people who owned her. She started following Paul around, calling everyone’s attention to us by yelling out, “These men are working for the Most High God. They’re laying out the road of salvation for you!” She did this for a number of days until Paul, finally fed up with her, turned and commanded the spirit that possessed her, “Out! In the name of Jesus Christ, get out of her!” And it was gone, just like that.
When her owners saw that their lucrative little business was suddenly bankrupt, they went after Paul and Silas, roughed them up and dragged them into the market square. Then the police arrested them and pulled them into a court with the accusation, “These men are disturbing the peace—dangerous Jewish agitators subverting our Roman law and order.” By this time the crowd had turned into a restless mob out for blood” (The Message).
Following Jesus has economic consequences. Following Jesus will change how you spend money. Following Jesus will change how you earn your money. Why? Because followers of Jesus know their lives are under the reign of King Jesus. There is no room for “I will spend my money the way I want to!” when you decide that your allegiance is to the King of Kings.
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