The Wandering Desert Monk

The Wandering Desert Monk

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Are you really sure you want to follow Jesus?

When Jesus shows up, there is a dynamism that is hard to put into words. In the fourth chapter of the Acts of the Holy Spirit, we read about life in the early church that can be summed in the following:

1. Following Jesus boldly will get you thrown into jail. Questions: Is my faith's expression so dynamic that it would draw the attention of the local authorities? Would my faithful expression of following Jesus get me thrown into jail?

2. Following Jesus will cause others to question your behavior and beliefs. Questions: When asked for the reason for my faith do I have a ready answer? Will people take note that we have spent a lot of time with Jesus?

3. Following Jesus will cause people to tell you to stop talking about Jesus. Questions: Is your proclamation about the life and ministry of Jesus so clear that people will ask you to stop talking about Jesus? If you were told to stop talking about Jesus, what would you do?

4. Following Jesus convincingly can cause some people to give up their attack. Question: Is our life and witness so convincing that people who oppose us decide that they "can't win?"

5. Following Jesus can turn tongue-tied, shy people into bold witnesses. Question: Are you ready to have a personality change?

6. Following Jesus will make you a person who gives it all away! Question: Are you ready to be so changed by your relationship with Jesus that you would sell what you have so you could share it with the rest of community of faith so that no one is in need?

Are you sure you want to follow Jesus?

Ron Friesen (c) 2015

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