The Wandering Desert Monk

The Wandering Desert Monk

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Am I a follower of Jesus?

In the story of the early months of the church’s life is an account of her first martyr, Stephen.

I have always been intrigued by a phenomenon of the modern church. People who are part of the church are asked various questions to determine their legitimacy of their claims to be Christians. The questions often take on this form:

Are you born again?

Are you filled with the Holy Spirit?

When were you saved? Or, Are you saved?

Interestingly, these questions do not appear in the Bible.

Why? Because there is no standard formula for becoming a follower of Jesus. There are no four spiritual laws in the Bible.

In the Biblical record, there is no record of anyone claiming to say, “I am saved.” Or, “I am filled with the Holy Spirit.” Or, “I have been born again.”

What the Bible does record is the observation of those who knew the followers of Jesus. The observation is that Stephen was full of the Holy Spirit (Acts 6:5).

Following Jesus is marked by humility. If anyone of us has experienced a changed life, it is because it is an act of love by a gracious God. Let others recognize what God has done or is doing in you. 

Ron Friesen © 2015

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