The Wandering Desert Monk

The Wandering Desert Monk

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Palaces of God's Presence

Have you noticed God borrows stables and turns them into palaces of his presence? Have you noticed that the moments when you thought you were the greatest failure; later turn out to the moments of greatest glory to God? It is easy to see God working in us when there appears to great success and acclaim; it takes the Spirit of God in us to do the most humble of tasks for God’s glory.  Changing a diaper, cleaning a toilet, washing a dish, digging out a flooded basement, or typing a letter are small tasks that make us appear very human and ordinary. The true test of our life in Christ is not our success but our faithfulness in the very humanity of our lives. God borrows stables of humanity: broken, smelly, despised, and rejected and turns them into palaces of his glorious presence. – Ron Friesen

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