The Wandering Desert Monk

The Wandering Desert Monk

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Are we ready to die?

Are you ready to die? When I was a hospital and hospice chaplain, I would often help my patients work on what they needed to prepare for their final journey. I never did ask my patients the question I posed at the beginning of this paragraph in such a stark manner. However, if I determined that the patient had some acquaintance with the Christian faith, I might ask this question, “Are you prepared to say the last words of Jesus:

Into your hands I commit my spirit.” This words are found in Psalm 31:5.

When I asked my patients this question, I would receive one of two responses: yes or no. For those who felt they had made peace with God and those around them, it was easy to say, “yes.” For others who said, “no,” we began to explore what needed to happen for them to come to peace with God, with themselves and with those around them. Gradually as we worked together, the “no” became a “yes.”

What about you and me? Are we prepared to say the last words of Jesus: “Into your hands I commit my spirit?” – Ron Friesen

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