The Wandering Desert Monk

The Wandering Desert Monk

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Where is justice?

Will we ever see justice in this world? Will we ever see it in our time? The quest for justice is a very old one. Over 3,000 years ago the Psalmist wrote a few lines about the seeming freedom with which violence is practiced. Malls, churches, theaters, classrooms are filled with blood. I have seen what a crime-scene filled with blood looks like – it is not pretty! The very blood flowing out of a car where a young man was senselessly shot five times in the head still haunts my mind. Where, oh, where is justice?

There is a judge who will bring ultimate justice, says the Psalmist:

“For the Lord is righteous, 
 he loves justice; 
  the upright will see his face.” Psalm 11:7

Justice flows from God because God is a God of rightness – a God who set the wrongs of our world right. On some days we do see justice as I saw in that courtroom when 10 peers of the accused found him guilty of murder. On many other days we wait in anguish for some justice. The promise of God is that God loves justice as much as you do and someday justice will come down the mountains to the valleys. – Ron Friesen


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  2. I think you've put your finger on something here. Was it Sartre who said that if God does not exist it would be necessary for Man to invent Him? There are three basic roles for 'God,' and to me the most important is his role as ultimate judge.People want justice and they want it in this world, now. But sometimes they can't get it. A promise of final justice in a next world goes a long way toward making life bearable.

  3. Nota, Thank you for reading and commenting. I think the human need for eventual justice would certainly account for some kind of deity to bring justice.

    1. An interesting line you walked with that agreement.

  4. YF, Thank you for reading and commenting.