The Wandering Desert Monk

The Wandering Desert Monk

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It will all be made right...

As much as we would like everything to last forever, we know that eventually everything will come to an end. The prospect of this demise of our universe is disconcerting because, being material beings, we stake our sense of stability and security on the sun rising very morning and the ground holding us up. As the prophet Isaiah reflected on the recent disruption of his life and lives of his neighbors, he realized this:

“Look up to the skies above,
      and gaze down on the earth below.
For the skies will disappear like smoke,
      and the earth will wear out like a piece of clothing.
The people of the earth will die like flies,
      but my salvation lasts forever.
      My righteous rule will never end!” (Isaiah 51:6)

There is something which will last long after this world is gone: God’s way to settle justice. Even those who lack much of this world’s goods cry out for justice. When we are out of the last ray of hope, we will still seek a sense of fairness. History is not a meaningless cycle of re-dos; His-story is a story of a day of final making right all that is wrong. – Ron Friesen

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